Octave Pitch

Octave Records’ New Album, Temporary Circumstances

Octave Records has just released its second album, Temporary Circumstances…

Otis Taylor’s Hey Joe Opus | Red Meat

Octave Records released its third album on November 16, an…

Octave Records' New System Setup Disc and Book

Octave Records has two new announcements this time out. The…

Octave Records Goes Jazz: Gabriel Mervine’s Say Somethin’

Octave Records just issued its latest release on March 5:…

Octave Records Releases Audiophile Masters, Volume 1 Compilation

Octave Records has just released its first compilation album, Audiophile…

Octave Records’ Latest: The Nature of Things by Foxfeather

Octave Records is honored to announce its latest release, The…

Octave Records Releases The Complete Bach Cello Suites by Zuill Bailey

Octave Records latest release is a landmark: The Complete Bach…

Ragtime World by Augustus: New Rock from Octave Records

Octave Records’ latest release, Ragtime World by Augustus, offers the…
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