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While finishing work on crafting our website's BHK Signature amplifier page I decided to update a few of the files that make the website run. Bad move. The website was hosed from 7 yesterday morning until 6 PM. Thank goodness for backups, even old ones.

I apologize.

They say you don't really appreciate something until you lose it and I now have a much deeper understanding of that old chestnut. How dependent we have become on our worldwide communications. It is amazing how far we reach, how many people we touch and how much we miss each other when the plug is pulled.

We lost twenty four hours of data in that fiasco. Email worked, anything to do with the website did not. If you messaged us, communicated anything over the site, it is gone. Again, my apologies.

Tomorrow back to our regularly scheduled program.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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