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Why is it we are forgiving and tend to overlook loudspeakers as a source of coloration in our systems yet demand perfection in our electronics down to the tiniest degree?

We are convinced that tenths of a dB, a few pico seconds of jitter, a slightly different cable dielectric are all critical to our system's success when the gross deficiencies of loudspeakers, that border on the embarrassing, go unnoticed. You'd be lucky if your speakers were flat to within a few dB, let alone tenths of a dB. Their phase response and time alignment are absurdly bad, atrocious actually - relative to your electronic chain.

My guess is there currently isn't much we can do to fix this so we focus on what we can do.

It's instructive to keep in mind the magnitude of difference between the flatness and accuracy of the single most important element in your system and everything else - if for no other reason than maintaining a healthy perspective.

You might feel better polishing your car's chrome to a high gleam, but that won't make your car perform any better.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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