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I swear music is addictive. If I go more than a few days without my dose I am unhappy. Jittery. Argumentative.

And music in the car, or what passes as background music in my home, soothes the withdrawal symptoms but does not give me the fix I need.

My true drug of choice is found in Music Room Two and the IRSV. I press the standby button on the BHK preamplifier. Ten seconds later there's the satisfying click of the BHK Monoblocks turning on at the behest of the trigger voltage. Another 10 seconds later and my spirits rise as the IRS servo woofers thump into life. And then all is right. The air in the room feels different. Perhaps it's the slight rush of noise from the servo woofers. Hard to say. Easy to feel.

I am listening to Gus Skinnas' latest mix of Jessica Carson's masterpieces. There's that opening sound of the room just before she plays the first notes on the piano. Maybe its the air conditioning system in the studio, or the slight shuffling of her feet finding the piano pedals. I am transported into the music and we are one.

I don't need more for a day or two before withdrawals set in and the pattern repeats.

My drug of choice.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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