Why better?

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Why better?
In yesterday's post about the fluidity of my stereo system, I mentioned upgrading from the amazing BHK300 monoblock amplifiers to the newer BHK600s. More than a few people emailed me asking why. Why would I upgrade what is already an overkill amplifier to one with even more wattage? It's a good question. Let's look at some of the specifics. The Infinity IRSV in Music Room 2 is about 90dB efficient. Meaning that for 1 watt of input power we can expect to get 90dB of sound at its output. 90dB is loud. 1 watt is nothing. 300 watts is overkill. 600 watts is absurd. And yet I am still over-the-top excited. Not because I have more power than I could possibly want but because this new amp will bring an entirely new level of performance to an already amazing system. And because the extra wattage I now have places even less of a demand upon the amp. What we do in high-end audio isn't always logical. It won't take but one listen to not care about the logic. It's all about the sound.
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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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