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Who's it for?
Ok, I'll admit it. I am a Trekkie. My current favorite Star Trek spinoff is Discovery. In second place is Picard (though it started off so slow I had to skip forward multiple episodes to get going). Still working my way through Season Two of Discovery, I ran across an episode whose "previously on Discovery" opened with a scene from the original Star Trek featuring Captain Christopher Pike. For those not versed in Star Trek lore, Pike was the starship Enterprise captain before Kirk (and Kirk was the first official captain we grew up with). Discovery takes place a decade before Captain Kirk's arrival and so at first, it made sense to play a clip from the old Star Trek. A reminder of who Captain Pike was. But wait. Who's this for? Does Paramount believe there are enough non-Trekkies watching to justify rehashing old film clips? And, why would someone who is not a Trekkie care where Pike's place in "history" is? I am often baffled by decisions made in the name of connection. If I were to ask groups of random strangers who Christopher Pike was, the vast majority would have no clue. Once explained they'd be so mystified as to why they were being asked the question as to consider calling the authorities. Ask a Trekkie? They'd likely chastise me for doubting their knowledge. In the same way, if I were to ask a group of random strangers if they knew what a linear tracking tonearm was, or a bi-wire connection, or a dipole, I'd get the same wrinkled brow. Once explained I'd be lucky to get a shrug of the shoulder. We're comfortable inside the confines of our community because it exists for us.
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