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Yesterday's post detailing my experience in the power amplifier shootout surprised quite a few of you. Some wrote and questioned why I would publicly announce our new power amplifier wasn't as good as the $10,000 tube amp we compared it to (no names please). Others wrote in support of my forthright approach.

I guess I would suggest that it's important to me and the entire team at PS that we are open and honest about how we feel about our products, even if that means I have to admit it isn't as good as other products. Heck, I'll bet there's a few amps it isn't better than.

I would also suggest that I brought the subject up because one thing I cannot stand is to listen to one of our products knowing it's lacking in one area or another. I am fine that it isn't quite this or that, but the fact that the ability to reach out and touch the instruments is simply lacking in this design really upset me - and now there's no turning back.

How can i sit in front of our magnificent Music Room One knowing the system, our amplifier, is missing an entire element? I don't think I can. In fact, I know I can't.

Finding and achieving this elusive quality may be quite a challenge, but I am up for it.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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