When is too much enough?

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When is too much enough?
I am often asked if a certain this or a certain that is overkill. "I have a small room, would a subwoofer be overkill?" I am tempted to turn the question around and ask what size room benefits from a rolled off speaker? Seems to me I always want to get everything on the disc. Or, "is this DAC too good for my system?" I get the sentiment of not wanting to "waste" expensive high quality. When I first got into the drinking of good wine I'd share an expensive red with my mother Sue who would proceed to plop a few cubes of ice into it to get the temperature right. But I think asking the question of how good something needs to be before its goodness is wasted is misguided. Why wouldn't it make more sense to always do the best you can: the widest frequency response speakers, the highest DAC resolution possible, an unrestricted dynamic range phono cartridge. I think it should be turned into: What's the best I can do?
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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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