Right tool, right job

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Right tool, right job
You can make almost anything work. Getting things to work right is a bigger challenge. Take for example a Power Plant AC regenerator. We'd love to use Class D amplifier technology for the output but have consistently stayed with good old Class A/B. Right tool, right job. Class D amplifiers can be terrific for the reproduction of music and so too can Class A/B. The reason either can work for music but only one for a regenerator is because the jobs are different: powering loudspeakers isn't as extreme as powering equipment. Speakers might demand instantaneous current approaching 10 amps for short periods of time—a workable challenge for both amp topologies. Equipment and AC power routinely demand 50 to 60 amps for a regenerator—at 5 times the voltage presented to a speaker. That's a job for an amplifier without a heavy output filter. In the same vein, using a vacuum tube for the input rather than the output, or a DC servo instead of a blocking capacitor, is the essence of using the right tool for the right job. Hard to know what's right and what's wrong if you're not a designer yourself. Which is why it's important to find a company or a designer you can trust. Right tool, right job offers the best performance.
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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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