What price musicality?

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With the launch of our new DirectStream product I have been in spirited debates with many interested music lovers. Some ask if the rumors are true: that DSD is but a passing phase. Others ask why the industry didn't move to DSD earlier if it's really as good as we suggest. Some are adamant that PCM is far superior. Yet others believe no digital format can ever succeed.

I think the simple answer is this: there will always be debate on what's better or worse as a basic building block for music's reproduction. Yesterday analog was it. Today DSD looks like a much more musical sounding format than anything else. But tomorrow? No doubt there will be something even better.

As long as we are striving to get the most musicality out of our recorded mediums then what difference does the format make to us as listeners? Do you really care if it's PCM, PDM, PWM or a mechanical contrivance scraping a plastic groove?

As designers we care because we, like every other technology based company, are at the heart of providing the best musical reproduction we know how and rely on technical expertise to do so.

Isn't it great that you get to just simply listen and find what sounds the best?

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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