What if we could measure it?

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I wonder what it might look like if we could actually measure sound quality. A meter with poor to great? Numbers on some arbitrary scale? And, what would we be looking for? Imagining? Tonal balance? Harmonic integrity? Transient accuracy? Foot tapping intensity? Bass thumping levels? There was a time when measurements mattered. Wow and flutter problems needed to be fixed. Tape alignment was problematic. THD levels needed to come down. IM measurements were too high. Jitter was impacting sound quality. Those who have trouble wrapping their heads around the idea our senses spot problems before we develop tools to analyze and duplicate the same things struggle. And we who are comfortable relying on our senses are lazy. We should be working hard building machines that can duplicate that which we have identified. Yet I believe there can be common ground between the two camps. Measurementistists should be accustomed to waiting for tools. Observationalists should stop trying to claim their findings explain underlying causes. Neither can ignore the other and we owe it to each other to display compassion. We all want the same thing. Music. I've a few more thoughts on the matter which you can watch here.
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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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