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I was replying to a forum post concerning our upcoming music management software, Octave, and explaining that its purpose is to make life simple: a true plug-and-play zero-fiddly musical interface enabling our customers easy access to both their libraries as well as online streaming services, when someone complained, "we should stick to our core business". And here, all along, I thought building high-performance audio systems that bring people closer to their music was our business. I have been wrong before and there's no doubt I will continue down that well-worn path. When we dream up new products and directions we look inward first. What is it we would want for our homes? Octave came about after spending countless hours fiddling with computer audio: occasionally frustrating, fiddly; sometimes fun, often prompting "why does it have to be so hard?" Wouldn't it be great to have easy no-compromise high-performance audio available at the touch of a finger? Without a computer in the mix? Without an IT degree? Without spending a fortune? That's what Octave's about to us. Of course, our core products of amps, preamps, DACs, power products and eventually loudspeakers remain central to our interests, but Octave seems the perfect glue tying everything together—and preferable to third-party software that does not allow us to ensure the quality of the user's experience. I am curious. What do PS Audio and our products and services bring to the table for you? If it's not for what I think it is—and I am serious here—what attracts you or repels you from our offerings? We genuinely want to know. All replies and opinions welcome.
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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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