Aha! moments

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Aha! moments

There's perhaps nothing better than an aha! moment: the lightbulb flicks on, the answer to the problem is clear, the puzzle is solved.

The trick with aha! moments is to actually have a puzzle that needs solving. Right?

If you're not asking questions then when the answers present themselves they appear more as noise to be sifted through. 

The number 4 isn't all that interesting unless it's preceded by what is 2+2?

In this information-rich era we live in, answers, solutions, and revelations fly by us seemingly at the speed of light—which is great if you are actively seeking to learn from them.

  • How to to take the next leap in my stereo system?
  • Why can't I get earth-moving bottom end in my room?
  • Are there recordings available that transcend all others in my library? 
  • Do I connect to my DAC through USB because I believe it's better or because I haven't a choice?
  • Does sample rate matter?
  • Does it make sense to invest $1K in a fuse or would that same money be better spent somewhere else?

The questions are endless as are the aha! solutions to them, but only if you're looking.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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