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It's always exciting to get a new product. Who doesn't like the thrill of opening the new box, pulling out the new toy?

We hope each acquisition will move our lives forward. Make progress. Better what we have.

And, while it is less exciting, I would propose that the thrill of the new product is maximized when we have taken the time to build a strong foundation that it will enhance.

When someone new to high-performance audio asks me where to start the journey my first question is always "what do you hope to achieve?" If the answer is "a world-class system" then I counsel to go slow, start with the basic like AC power, build upon a firm foundation, layer by layer, culminating in the greatest challenge of all, the loudspeaker.

Should their reply be "a just want to put together a good sound music system" then a more casual "start with the best pair of speakers you can afford and let us help you fill in the rest" is more likely to be my answer.

Layer-by-layer building over time has great value, but it requires patience. The rewards are long term. The benefits are great.

Where are you in the layering process?

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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