Judging an amp by its Watts

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Judging an amp by its Watts

Most of us would snicker if told the way to choose a power amplifier is by its Wattage. The greater the amp's power output the better it will sound.

For those who think this makes sense, let me point you towards this $79 600 watt power amplifier available right now on Amazon.

Or perhaps what might make more sense is to choose a power amplifier on its low distortion. Just go through the data available in the magazines until you find the amp with the lowest distortion and noise and life's good.

How to make the right choice is not always easy. Take cars for an example.

Some folks buy the Tesla Plaid 3-motor S series electric car because it is the fastest 0-60 mph production vehicle ever made. Others choose their rides for a plethora of other reasons.

Point is, personal choice boils down to what works the best for you. There is no universal truth when it comes to power amplifiers or electric cars.

Find the match made in personal heaven and go for it.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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