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Update changes

We are truly creatures of habit. We get into a comfortable routine and we don't want to leave. Change comes along to yank us out of our reverie and we can take one of three paths: object, ignore, adapt.

We just launched new Bridge firmware—the very essence of change. Most people will install the new firmware and enjoy the benefits of the improvements without question or comment, while others will hold off until it's shown itself as stable. Still others will avoid pushing the button for change because "it's working fine".

This is perfectly normal behavior and one reason few products come with automatic updates without asking. For me, I'd prefer auto updates without asking. Just take care of it and don't piss me off with the new changes. Delight me. My iPhone used to work pretty much like that, though they did ask if I wanted to update. My new car works exactly like that. Software updates seem to happen as if by magic and so far they've only been for the better.

My inclination is to have our upcoming music management program, Octave, update automatically without bothering customers. You wake up in the morning and things are simply better. But, I know this would send both howls of protest as well as thanks our way.

Maybe a solution would be to offer the auto-update service to folks like me who don't want to bother with updates and let others choose.

Or, maybe not.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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