Two forms of simplicity

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Two forms of simplicity
The word simple means easily understood or done; presenting no difficulty. It is simple for me to push a button on the elevator and be whisked up or down to my desired floor. It was anything but simple to design the elevator. If I wanted to go back to basics and design and sell a simple power amplifier I could affix a power module to a piece of particle board and let the user figure out how best to attach the ins and outs. That would be simple for me but difficult for the user. In the same vein imagine how complex and difficult it must be for a computer programmer to design a simple and intuitive interface: a one-button path that any user immediately grasps and interacts with. When you look at a PS Audio M1200 power amplifier with its simple logo button to turn the unit on or off or an aspen FR30 loudspeaker's simple pair of binding posts, it's easy to forget the complexity behind the design. Simple, clean, and perfect. It's often not simple to achieve.
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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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