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On Saturday the 21st we will again host the Colorado Audio Society in our offices. We have a very special presentation for them as we officially launch the BHK Signature Power Amplifier. I will give some history, a bit of an introduction and then guest speakers Arnie Nudell and Bascom H. King will take the stage to share their thoughts as well as take question from the audience. It's a rare opportunity to interact with two of the great masters in our industry and one we look forward to presenting. We will be recording the event for a later video presentation. The following Friday Travis Townes and I will be attending the Montreal show and have the BHK Signature with us to play. Over the next few days in these posts I will be offering my collected thoughts on power amplifiers and their often misunderstood importance in our systems. We covered some of this in an earlier set of posts but it's now time to come at this from a little different perspective. I would ask you to think about the chain of equipment needed to bring music into your home and consider that the power amplifier is the second most important link in that chain. Tomorrow we will start with the most important.
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Paul McGowan

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