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One of the reasons we built Octave Records is to feed our addiction for new music. How else would we get these remarkable new recordings of great music if we didn't make them ourselves? Each new Octave release is leaps and bounds better than the last and this latest continues in that tradition. To date, we've only released single artist recordings and, while great, you either liked or didn't like the artist's music. Now, with the launch of the Audiophile Masters Series, Volume One, you get a variety of music from which to choose—and the recording excellence is guaranteed. Handpicked, hand-curated, and every track a sonic stunner, I am hard-pressed to choose a favorite. Head here and sample the best music and recordings Octave Records has ever produced. Every track is a sonic masterpiece. Recorded, mixed and mastered in pure DSD. Get close to what great music sounds like. I can't wait for you to get a copy of this classic. We've got a limited number of physical discs available and when they're gone…
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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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