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I was thinking about some of your comments about your systems: many of you mentioned that your systems were good enough to reproduce well recorded music as if it were live.

I am with you. I too have had moments with my system that I could believe the music was real enough to touch - but I was always aware I wan't actually there with the music.

I have never felt that I was actually IN the room it was recorded in and that, my friends, is a huge difference between listening to something that "sounds live" to actually being in the room or the venue where it was recorded.

Without changing the room to become an active element in the chain there's never going to be hope for that.

How cool would it be if it were possible, as I imagined in prior posts, to make the room active and a part of the presentation? How cool would it be to have the info of the recorded space attached to every recording and the active room reprogrammed to fit each time?

How cool would that be?

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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