There's that old controversy again

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Our videos and launch of DirectStream sure got a few people riled up. Good. I was hoping we'd shake the trees a bit and we did. I am always amazed at how people seem to read what they want into things. When I suggested most PCM based DAC processors, especially those using off-the-shelf DAC chips, masked some of the subtle details critical to music's realism .... what many people read is that I hate PCM. That puts a smile on my face if, for no other reason, the fact I started the videostalking about how much better PCM could sound. That PCM will be with us for years to come. That there's a wealth of music in those PCM discs. I went on to suggest what we can do to get all that's buried in the music out of ...... wait for it ....... PCM. PCM's a fine format. DSD is as well. Yes, I believe that if Sony and Philips had taken a different course than PCM back in 1982 we'd be enjoying a much better musical experience today, and yes, I believe DSD is a better format than PCM, but that doesn't mean I don't like the PCM music I own. In fact, quite the opposite. How you process those data has everything to do with how much you hear and how it sounds and my PCM based library sounds much better than I ever knew was possible. BTW, if you're interested in meeting up, I'll be presenting to the Phoenix Audiophile Society on March 26th. Several have suggested they'll bring the tar and feathers. Others champagne. Let's get together for a demo if you're in the area.
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