The vinyl filter

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The vinyl filter

I am often asked if it would be feasible to craft together a vinyl filter or generator in our DACs. The idea behind such a modifier would be to mimic the sound of vinyl.

I suppose the quick answer would be yes. It would not be easy and it likely wouldn't be completely accurate but it could get close.

The big question is why? Aside from the obvious novelty of the filter, why would we want to downgrade our hard-won sonic purity?

I know that even writing the word "downgrade" raises the hair on the backs of many necks. I also know that a pure vinyl system consisting of an excellent turntable, cartridge and a remarkable phono stage is an absolute joy to listen to.

So why the negativity?

Simply put, each optimized system is a beautiful entity unto itself. The best digital system possible or the best vinyl rig imaginable.

Or, put another way, what about an analog filter in your phono preamp that attempts to make vinyl sound like digital?

Neither makes sense to me.

Focus on the beauty of each system and let's not sully the perfection possible.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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