The upgrade

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The upgrade
One of the most exciting things a hifi buff can do is upgrade. The process of researching, noodling on choices, making the decision, pulling the trigger, receiving the new boxes, then upgrading the system is a real hoot. Few things I can think of get me more excited. My son Scott McGowan has never owned a true high-performance audio system. Sure, he has daily access to Music Room One—a personal opportunity that inspired his design of our most popular integrated amplifier, Sprout. But to take the plunge and outfit his living room with a full BHK outfit powered by the mighty P20 is something even I haven't been able to wangle at home. And now he has done it. Of course we had to video this momentous occasion: the unboxing, setup and volia! moment when music again plays. Scott's Sprout made its way to his study powering a prototype of a new PS Audio 2-way that on first listen is extraordinary. (More on that subject later). For now, enjoy this 5-minute video as Scott takes a major step in his audiophile journey. I am envious.
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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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