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All New Features, Same Great Story

Sprout represents our vision of a simple, elegant means of playing music at home. We created it for those of us who want quality sound without the hassles that sometimes come with it. Sprout offers sonic ideals and design principles enjoyed by many thousands of users daily. Its ease of use should make it appealing and accessible to those who would find most audio gear intimidating; it should also appeal to those who have “been there, done that” and seek a better, simpler way to play music in their home.

It is in this spirit of passion and technological advancement that PS Audio proudly announces our newest, first-tier integrated amplifier: Sprout100

Sprout’s design principles will never change: compact, elegant versatility that brings the content of yesterday to the technology of today. Sprout’s performance and features have been overhauled: more power, more resolution, more romance. We hope you enjoy.

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Sprout100 Integrated Amplifier

Product Description

How is Sprout100 different from the original?

To start, Sprout100 offers double the output power, which—apart from providing renewed efficiency, lowered distortion, and greater separation and detail—also serves to galvanize the sonic benefits of extended headroom.

Sprout100 offers a DAC with maximum resolution—one that decodes even 128DSD and 384/24PCM. We hear you want a remote control, an indicator light, a defeatable bass-boost, and an optical input? It’s all there. Sprout100 also differs from the original by offering a variable subwoofer mono output, full RCA analog in/out connectors, a redesigned world-class RIAA phono-stage, and a newly designed z-feedback low-impedance headphone amplifier. And with Sprout100’s universal internal power supply (100 – 240VAC @ 50/60Hz with auto-detect) you can take your new integrated amplifier abroad for maximum flexibility. By adapting new high-resolution/low-distortion topologies, a beefy 240-watt power supply, and bleeding-edge ICEpower amplifier technology, Sprout100 offers increased headroom, lower noise floor, and extended and nuanced frequency response. Z-feedback innovations reveal temporal accuracy and increased transient impulse response. Sonically notable for its lucid spatial detail, acute tonal retrieval, and commanding noise immunity, Sprout100 is even more equipped to drive your loudspeakers and headphones than before.

But many things didn’t change. For example, the size, feel, shape and style are the same. Like its predecessor, Sprout100 is adorned with real walnut and machined aluminum knobs—making each and every Sprout100 unique. Our attention to detail is the same. Our passion remains true. Our philosophy will never change.

  • Full featured integrated amplifier
  • 100 watts per channel power amplifier
  • Drives any size loudspeaker
  • Remote Control, brushed aluminum: Volume up/down, Mute on/off, Power on/off
  • Preamplifier, RCA analog inputs, precision stepped volume control
  • Fully asynchronous DAC supports up to 384/24 PCM or double rate DSD
  • Passive EQ moving magnet phono preamplifier
  • Low output impedance headphone amplifier
  • TOSLINK optical digital input
  • USB input
  • RCA analog input
  • Built-in Bluetooth receiver uses Sprout’s internal asynchronous DAC
  • Manual input selector for all inputs
  • Headphone output 32Ω: 500mW, 300Ω: 125mW (drives all headphones)
  • RCA analog output
  • Optional bass boost
  • Dedicated subwoofer output, automated internal bass-boost switch
  • Signal-to-Noise Ratio 100 dB at max power into 4Ω
  • THD <0.01% (1 W, 1 kHz into 4 ohms)
  • Indicator light
  • Accessories Include: 6ft regional power cord, remote control, 4x banana adaptors, 2x Sprout Decal, Owner’s Manual
  • Dimensions: 6.2″W x 8.2″L x 1.9″H

Digital Trends

Caleb Denison

The PS Audio Sprout100 is one of the best-sounding, minimalist amps built for the modern age that you can buy. With a top notch phono pre-amp and excellent DAC built in, the Sprout100 can handle anything from a turntable to a game console and make it sound its best.

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The Absolute Sound

Julie Mullins

With the release of its next-generation Sprout100, PS Audio has succeeded in making the tired terms “new and improved” actually mean something by addressing many real-world audio needs. There are upgraded features outside and updated technologies inside. Sonically, you get more headroom, heft, and body, plus greater substance and resolution. Revisiting my review of the original Sprout, I can say that my conclusion still rings true: “The Sprout offers plenty of quality without complication. Just connect the little guy and use the knobs on the front. For simplicity, versatility, portability, and affordability, it’s tough to beat. You get a helluva lot for your money. It’s hard to imagine a more fun, cool component.” With the Sprout100, expect big sound and even bigger bang for the buck.

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Twittering Machines

Michael Lavorgna

...the Sprout100 / ELAC Debut 2.0 system is in every respect a winner. While you won’t get everything, where would you put it (thanks, Steven Wright), what you will get is a hifi capable of mating you to your music in meaningful ways. I also find the Sprout to be one heck of a nice looking piece of kit, better looking in fact than the endless parade of black metal box w/silver faceplate clones. Sprout has character, and wood! What more can you ask?
Based on my experience, if you decide to buy the PS Audio Sprout100 and the ELAC Debut 2.0 speakers, I can safely extrapolate from that experience and say with confidence you are getting one helluva Adrenalin-indusing hifi. Unless you are A) dead, or B) a jaded audiophile.
The PS Audio Sprout100 and the ELAC Debut 2.0 speakers earn our TM Select: Recommended System award with aplomb.

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New Record Day

Ron Brenay

It could welcome new folks to hi-fi and greet them with enough quality to keep them in the freakin' game. The Sprout100 is certainly hi-fi, and as far as New Record Day is concerned, it's one of the most thorough examples of what hi-fi should and can be.

It's a no-brainer. It's a no-brainer!!

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Zero Fidelity

Sean Fowler

The Sprout100 is quite a few steps beyond what you’d get with a $1,000 AVR. It’s just better…. You’re going to be …experiencing sound in a way that’s just going to blow you away. You’re going to be absolutely stunned by how good this thing sounds.

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Positive Feedback

Steve Lefkowicz

So, there you have it. Whereas I found the original Sprout to be important, but not necessarily a complete success, I think PS Audio got things very right with the updated Sprout100. Great sound, great ergonomics, a well thought out feature set that does everything that is important in this price range and does it quite well. And it does it all at a lower price than the original. There's a reason I gave it a Writer's Choice award. Very highly recommended.

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Audio Bacon

It’s obvious a lot of thought, passion, and heart went into the design of the Sprout100. It has been beautifully voiced by some hardcore music lovers. At only $599 (which is cheaper than my USB cable) I consider the Sprout100 to be one of the best-kept secrets in audio. One of those rare times you could steal your cake and eat it too.

The goal of the Sprout100 was to provide quality sound without the hassle. They’ve not only succeeded but also went above and beyond. Instead of being a stepping stone into great sound, I think the PS Audio Sprout100 could be your long-term cornerstone as you scale up. It has the power. It has the flexibility. And it definitely has the sound.

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Herb Reichert

The Sprout100 seems born to stream music and play vinyl via a low-cost MM cartridge. Its best trait was that it made recordings sound tuneful and attractive. Its worst trait was that it made recordings sound tuneful and attractive. It did not do such audiophile tricks as strong, tight bass, precise imaging, transparency, or airy highs. It just played music enjoyably.

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Home Theater Review

Who says really sexy audiophile gear needs to be expensive? This $599 integrated amp is the perfect gateway into our hobby, with modern connectivity and simple operation. You have to start somewhere and $599 isn't too bad for a component this nice and this well-connected.

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Al Griffin

Sound & Vision

The brushed aluminum-clad remote control that comes with the Sprout100 is a definite upgrade over the credit-card types you get with some gear. It has a substantial feel when seated in the hand, and its power, mute, and volume up/down control buttons click audibly when pressed. I was happy to see a printed owner’s manual—an endangered species in the A/V world—when I opened the box, especially an informative, clearly written one.

PS Audio’s Sprout100 is an impressive little integrated amp. With more power, better connectivity, an improved DAC, and, yes, a lower price than its predecessor, the new Sprout has a lot going for it. The key feature that allows it to vault over other ultra-compact AmpDACs is its built-in phono stage, which, depending on your media consumption habits, may or may not be essential. Either way, for $599, you won’t go wrong with the Sprout100.

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Tech 50+

Bill Stoller

I think I have a Sprout100 in my future.

Like many in our generation, I fulfilled my audio needs with receivers....But now, having tried the Sprout100, I’m reconsidering. The Sprout100 isn’t a receiver, but an integrated amplifier in a small size that packs quite a punch. 10.5 inches across, 5 inches high and 14 inches deep, it weighs in at under 3 pounds. But in the aluminum box with a wood veneer top is up to 100 watts of speaker output per channel, more than enough to drive my big floor speakers to room-shaking loudness (I cranked it up when the Mrs. was out on an errand). I’m not an audiophile or techie, so I won’t go through all the specs here, but suffice it to say the way the Sprout100 sounds – clear & full – should impress just about anyone.

The price for the Sprout100 is $599, direct from PS Audio with free shipping, and free 30-day returns. I seriously doubt you’ll be returning it. I wouldn’t.

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The Shoestring Audiophile

Michael Laurance

The detail and depth are just striking. It’s still the channel separation and imaging that is grabbing me hardest...I’ve never had this disc startle me. I turned around because one of the voices came from behind me. This is two channel that I’m listening to. The Sprout has opened up the soundstage so wide that it played a ventriloquist act. I’ve never had a piece of gear do that in this room. The second track sounds like a drum circle in the room.

This isn’t about specs and numbers, this purely about the presentation of music, and this is happening in front of me in breathtaking fashion… I’ve had some pieces of gear come through my home that I’ve wanted. Some I’ve plain lusted after. This is one I know I’m going to own.

I can’t possibly recommend this little beautiful piece of audio glory any higher.

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Home Theater Review

Steven Stone

I had some reservations about the original Sprout due to its always-on loudness curve and lower-than-I-usually-need power output capabilities. The new Sprout100 eliminates both of those concerns. Not only does it sound amazingly good, but it has enough of the right inputs and outputs to put together a first-rate, borderline drop-dead kick-ass desktop or even room-based audio system.

The bottom-line question, of course, is whether or not the PS Audio Sprout100 is a good value.

In that regard, I say yes. Hell, yes.

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Parttime Audiophile

John Richardson

A Sprout, you say? Indeed, I’m speaking of PS Audio’s gateway drug into high-end audio, the venerable Sprout integrated amplifier/DAC/phono preamp. It seems that receipt of a Sprout has become something of a coming of age moment in my family. My daughter got the first generation sample I reviewed when she was a junior in college, having moved out of the dorms and into a place of her own with a bunch of other collegiate ladies.

…Ultimately, as with the original Sprout, I had to conclude that one of the best attributes of the Sprout 100 is that it serves to bring generations of people together, which is something that seems to rarely happen today. I invited my son to come up to listen and experiment with it to see if he would be interested in having one in his apartment. What began as a simple demo session evolved into a deep discussion of music between father and son; one of those rare moments when two generations find themselves on the same wavelength.

All I can say is that PS Audio has only improved upon what I consider to be its best product ever, and that’s great news indeed for listeners both new and old. Enjoy!

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Record Collector News

Jim Kaplan

I pulled out about $6,000 worth of amp and preamp and stuck the $599 Sprout between a pair of Legacy Classic speakers on the output side and about $12,000 worth of MC cartridge, tonearm, turntable, phono cable and phono stage on the input side of the Sprout using the analog input. Not a fair test at all. I was setting up the Sprout to fail. It was surprising easy to listen to. Very non-fatiguing. Not grainy or crappy at all. This $600 unit held its own.

This is the new vintage integrated amp. And with Bluetooth and all those other features this could be the entry level integrated that you hang on to for a long time while you upgrade the components around it. And yes, my son is taking the Sprout with him when he leaves for college this fall. I know I will miss you.

You too son.

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David Blumenstein

The Sprout100 ticks all the boxes and then some. It poses a headscratcher of a question itself: What does it not do for $599? And as you can see from the specs listed below, "not much" is the answer. How one judges PS Audio’s latest incarnation is a matter of perspective, so I’m going to look at it as the core of 3 systems: starter, office, and travel. Normally, specifications find themselves at the end of a piece, but the Sprout100 is nothing short of extraordinary for the price.

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Headphone Guru

Gary Allen Barker

I began this review by stating that PS Audio was once considered the poor man’s budget audiophile gear, and the PS Audio Sprout100 continues that tradition without reservation. Providing a large soundstage with excellent dynamics, a great tonal balance and musicality sufficient to tame the occasionally edgy SABRE DAC chip, while able to drive anything from the most sensitive of IEMs to reference quality planar magnetics, the Sprout100 has earned a place as one of my three favorite DAC/Headphone Amplifiers under $1,000, and is only bested by the Modwright/Oppo DAC, as an ESS based DAC.

The addition of a phono stage and the ICEpower amplifier make it an unparalleled value. In fact, if someone were to come to me and say they had a $5,000 budget to put together a home audio system, I would tell them to spend $1,500 on headphones, $1,500 on speakers, $1,000 on a turntable, then buy the Sprout100 to run it and spend the rest on cables (though it might be a challenge to find $1,500 speakers to match the performance of the PS Audio).

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Karl Sigman see how the Sprout100 can handle these very serious speakers that cost $15K per pair, with a frequency response down to 29 Hz. We jumped right to it and played Bela Fleck’s classic cut Flight of the Cosmic Hippo. The Sprout100 drove them well, displaying more depth, more bass, more presence and shaking my couch. Of course they did not yield the sound quality that the Celesta shows off with when paired with my 700 W per channel reference mono blocks, and peripheral reference equipment—but confirming that a $599 Sprout100 can drive these speakers was a revelation.

At the mere price of $599, the new and improved Sprout100 Integrated Amplifier excels at all it tries to do; I am hard pressed to find anything wrong with it. A must for those wishing to have a full simple system with fine sound and low cost, it will pair well with just about anything you attach it to, and it only weighs 2.9 pounds. An absolute bargain by any measurement. Very highly recommended.

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Steve Guttenberg

I watched a few episodes of Handmaid's Tale Season 2 on Hulu with the Sprout 100 and the LS50s, and the sound was so good I didn't miss a center channel speaker (in part because I was sitting equidistant from the left and right speakers). Stereo imaging was broad and sharply focused in ways you'll never hear from a sound bar.

So yes, the PS Audio Sprout 100 is an overachiever, just pair it with a good set of speakers and you'll be good to go.

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Audio Bacon

Jay Luong

PS Audio knows the importance of maintaining tonal integrity and placing musicality above all else. No matter how smartly engineered, elegant, or expensive a piece of gear is…it’s fruitless if it ignores these key ingredients. These qualities are what makes something captivating and keeps you in your seat.

It’s obvious a lot of thought, passion, and heart went into the design of the Sprout100. It has been beautifully voiced by some hardcore music lovers. At only $599 (which is cheaper than my USB cable) I consider the Sprout100 to be one of the best-kept secrets in audio. One of those rare times you could steal your cake and eat it too.

The goal of the Sprout100 was to provide quality sound without the hassle. They’ve not only succeeded but also went above and beyond. Instead of being a stepping stone into great sound, I think the PS Audio Sprout100 could be your long-term cornerstone as you scale up. It has the power. It has the flexibility. And it definitely has the sound.

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Hi-Fi Trends

Paul Cash

The Sprout 100 is a musical integrated amp that gives you so much for your money. The Headphone Amp/DAC alone is worth what they charge for this thing, but then when you factor in the power amp that drives speakers down to 4 ohms, the Bluetooth streaming, phono pre-amp, etc. you can see this product is an excellent value.

This integrated would be a perfect product for young guys putting together their first hi-fi setup, or someone who wants a quality amp and doesn’t have a lot of room to spare. It would also make a great anchor for an excellent desktop setup.

All in all, though the Sprout was very engaging, and song after song, I found myself just enjoying the music, which at the end of the day is what this hobby is all about.

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PC Tablet

Joseph Bartholomew

We can say that we were impressed by the PS Audio Sprout100 and we basically like everything it has to offer. Is there anything we didn’t like? Well, no. When compared to its predecessor it offers more power, better connectivity, and improved DAC, and a much affordable price. SO, if you are looking to buy a compact integrated amplifier/DAC, which can easily handle vinyl playback then the PS Audio Sprout 100 is a perfect choice. Everything said this is one of the rare devices we can truly recommend to anyone.

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Unit Weight2.9 lbs [1.3 kg]
Unit DimensionsWidth 6.2", Height 1.9", Depth 8.2" (chassis only, not including knobs) or 9.2” (including connectors and knobs)
Shipping Weight5lbs [2.2 kg]
Shipping DimensionsWidth 10.5", Height 5", Depth 14"

Power requirements

Voltage Options100-240 VAC, 50-60Hz, Auto-Detect
Power Consumption280W Maximum
Mains Power InputIEC C14

Phono Audio Input

Connector 1 Stereo Pair, Phono RCA
Cartridge typeMoving Magnet
Cartridge Output3mV-10mV (5mV recommended)
Cartridge Loading47KΩ (100pF)
S/N ratio>84dB A-weighted (analog output)

Analog Audio Inputs

Connector 1 Stereo Pair, Line Level RCA
Maximum Input level2.1VRMS (+6.44dBV)
Input impedance 10KΩ

Analog Audio Output

Connector 1 Stereo Pair, Line Level RCA
Output level, maximum3.0VRMS (+9.5dBV)
Output Max Gain (using Analog Inputs)8.45dB
S/N ratio>105dB (3VRMS ref)
THD (Analog)<0.01% (1VRMS, 1KHz)

S/PDIF Digital Input

ConnectorOptical (Toslink)
FormatPCM (96KHz max), 24 bits

USB Input

ConnectorUSB “B” Type
FormatPCM (384KHz max), 24 bits, DSD64 (DoP), DSD128 (DoP)
Transfer modeAsynchronous


AntennaBuilt in
DACUses Sprout's built in asynchronous DAC over S/PDIF (ESS Sabre 9016 DAC)

Stereo Power Amplifier Output

8Ω loudspeakers connected50 watts per channel, both channels driven
4Ω loudspeakers connected100 watts per channel, both channels driven
THD (Speaker Output)<0.01% (1W, 1KHz into 4Ω)
Frequency Response+/- 1dB (1VRMS out, 20Hz – 20Khz into 4-8Ω)
Signal to Noise>100dB at max power into 4Ω

Headphone Output

32Ω headphones connected500mW
300Ω headphones connected125mW
THD<0.01% (1KHz, 50mW into 32 Ω)
Signal to Noise>105dB at max power into 300Ω


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