The truth of it

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The truth of it

Here's an interesting fact. If you set a CD transport on an uneven surface and it lists to one side or another more than about 2 degrees, the sound is off? The laser, working harder in the uphill direction and easier in the opposite, will cause the error correction system to work harder, thus changing the sound quality? People who know this take the time to use a level and get their CD transports straight. It matters.

Alright. What I just wrote is bunk. I made this up to make a point of how easily bad actors can influence our thought processes and belief systems.

I am not a bad actor. And many people who spread misinformation are also not bad actors, they are just sometimes wrong. But then, there are those who intentionally set out to deceive us. Those are the bad actors I refer to—people who put their agendas ahead of the truth.

In our modern world, where outside forces work hard at dividing us (remember the adage "divide and conquer"), one of the most frightening trends is when we're pushed to believe we cannot trust "anything" because everyone has a spin on the truth. That what we hear daily, even from people we trust, should be viewed with a suspicious eye.

This sentiment is being injected into our culture with intent. It is neither healthy nor true.

There is truth in our world. It's the mainstream.

Our scientific, medical, engineering, and administrative communities are made of good people who would never violate truth. It's why you trust your doctor, the scientists who keep us safe, the engineers that design our cars, homes, and bridges.

We don't have to pay attention to the outliers crying lies and conspiracies. Ignored they will fade.

Even trolls need to eat.

I walk outside and say hi to my neighbor Kyle as we both take out Thursday's trash.

"How're the kids?" I ask.

Big smiles. Everything's just fine. And at the market too. And the post office too. And at work too.

Life and people aren't changing.

Most of us are doing our best to pull together.

We're family.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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