Group auditions

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Group auditions
In yesterday's post, Synchronicity, I asked for volunteers to listen to three tracks and offer opinions on how the sound might have changed between our two DirectStream DAC firmware versions, Snowmass and Windom. I have created a forum topic here. Please go to that topic and post your results so that all can share in those findings. Some have suggested we set standards to ensure common ground, but I would argue that's exactly what we do not want. It seems to me that if very different people listening at dissimilar levels on different equipment can meet anywhere in the middle, with respect to hearing similar changes in music, then that is more valuable than attempting to regulate the audition. What excites me about this idea of different people evaluating the same three tracks on different systems and rooms is the diversity. Will their findings enjoy any common ground? It is the diversity that validates the findings.
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Paul McGowan

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