The Owner’s Manual

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The Owner’s Manual

I am pretty certain that over the past 48 years I have never gotten excited about an owner’s manual. In fact, let’s be honest. Owner’s manuals are a pain to write and a bigger pain to read.

Now that has all changed.

With the excitement growing of the launch of our most ambitious and anticipated piece of electronics yet, the BHK600—by far the best sounding amplifier I have ever heard in my life and not by a little…I mean, the authority, the musicality! Totally off the charts—we wanted to continue lavishing as much love and care on the smallest of details.

Like the owner’s manual.

Let’s make the manual as extraordinary as the amplifier.

There was only one person for the challenge. Peter Rudy: over-the-top audiophile, amazing attorney (he’s argued in front of the US Supreme Court), leads treks through Nepal and halfway up Mt. Everest, helped me design the original Power Plant, responsible for the Power Port, and one of the most passionate people I have ever met.

When we approached Peter he agreed to write the manual under one condition: it had to be something people want to read.

And it is. Go here and download the BHK600 manual. See for yourself and let me know.

I think it’s a masterpiece.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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