The one way stairs

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The one way stairs

Ever notice that once you reach a certain plateau there's no going back? The first time I heard a high-end audio system I couldn't bear to listen to my POS at home. Or, the first time I tasted fresh peas versus over-boiled gray mush there was simply no going back.

Our standards are set by our experiences. We hear, we see, we feel, and we remember.

Get a new piece of gear into the system that blows away what you had and...there's no going back.

While some of us might find this tiresome or worrying—what I have is good enough or I don't want to know better—others among us (like me) revel in it.

Once I start down a path I certainly have no desire to stand still or do an about face and retrace my steps.

Forward motion brings me joy.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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