The need for synergy

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The need for synergy

Our need for synergistic pairings of equipment, cables, and speakers is a failing. A necessary failing but, a failing none the less.

I hope we can all agree that not every piece of gear fits perfectly into every system. We might use cables to tame the top end or we might choose a loudspeaker that flatters our electronics.

Why then call the need for synergistic pairing a failing?

Consider that if we made perfect sounding gear none of this matching business would be necessary. Connect any two perfect pieces of equipment together and the results mirror the elements of the chain. 


Truth is, there is no perfection. It's a myth. 

What we might achieve someday is to reach a sonic quality level such that we can no longer discern the small amounts of imperfection. To that end, I think some pieces of electronics are getting close.

For now, synergy is the way to go. Connect elements together that sing in perfect harmony.

If we're lucky, the end result exceeds our wildest hopes.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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