The magician's curse

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The magician's curse
Following yesterday's video of the isolation benefits offered by placing ISO feet on a pair of Focals—benefits clearly audible even on an iPhone microphone—my inbox was summarily flooded with a combination of threats, outrage, and claims of heresy! Conspiracies abound! Oh my, my, goodness. Despite the fact I confirmed to my satisfaction the demo was legit, the howls of protest went unchecked as reason after reason why this couldn't be true were proffered. To be clear, PS Audio has no financial interests in ISO Acoustics. We shared our YouTube channel space with them because we thought they had an interesting product and story to tell. For those that know me this is not atypical behavior. If I find something interesting, even from a so called competitor, it's shared with our community because…well…why not? What's fascinating to me (Terri calls me Mr. Spock because I get fascinated rather than offended when people attack) is people's level of angst when their worldview is at stake. We cling to our long-held beliefs with such tenacity that even the facts cannot sway us! Is this the magician's curse? Have we become so worried about being tricked—and later looking like a fool—that we cannot bring ourselves to entertain new ideas? Whatever happened to trust?
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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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