The magic of high-end audio

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Of all the things that interests me about the high-end, it's the magic of a good system that really floats my boat. When we give a tour of PS Audio, it's cool to see all the departments and people, but the highlight is when we sit in the listening room and hear the system. I can't think of anything that gets me more excited than turning someone on to high-end audio for the first time. To bring the UPS man into the sound room, crank it up and watch his jaw drop. That's it for me. I can remember the first time Harry Pearson (HP) invited Stan (my cofounder in PS Audio) and I to New York to hear the Infinity IRS system at Sea Cliff. My jaw dropped and I never was able to pick it off the floor. That's been 30 years ago and I still remember it to this day. High-end audio is really magic and that magic is worth sharing with the rest of the world. I think that's been my personal mission (and hence PS Audio's) since we started. I still get goosebumps hearing a great three dimensional system, regardless of who designed it. If you think about it, don't you enjoy watching someone new to high-end audio get initiated? When's the last time you reached out and turned someone on to what we enjoy? It really is worth paying forward the magic of what we love.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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