The long and winding road

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The long and winding road

The road to sonic bliss has always been long and winding, but today it's getting straighter and shorter.

Remember back in "the day" when information was scarce? Aside from a few magazines, finding out anything substantial about how a system might fit into your home was more than just challenging. It was nearly impossible. A real crapshoot.

You took the word of the HiFi dealer and crossed your fingers. Most of the "research" you did was more about qualifying the dealer rather than the gear.

Today, things are easier. We have a wealth of information at the touch of a mouse.

To me, the road ahead looks much straighter and shorter. Instead of rolling the proverbial dice, today we can read the opinions of others, give a try at home, make our decisions, and sit back and enjoy.

Not only is the road less daunting, but the drive itself is much more enjoyable.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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