The lonely preamp

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Pity the preamp. It sits alone neither a source nor an output. Its status is elevated beyond a power amplifier because we interact with it. Its very existence comes into question when others are available to do the same job.

Yet, a great preamp is essential. Its contribution to overall sound quality cannot be ignored. And woe to those who haven't tasted its fruits. There isn't a system I know of that wouldn't benefit from a BHK Signature—or any of a small handful of quality preamps.

There are those that will tell you the preamp's the heart of the system, yet we all know great systems live without benefit of one.

It's a lonely job being a component that's not needed. Yet, there is hope. Once installed and the sweet nectar of its fruits tasted, preamps cannot be lived without.

Preamp's have to prove their worth to be accepted but stand back and smile once they do.

Speakers don't worry about acceptance. They're as essential as air is to breathing.

So are preamps. They just have an inferiority complex.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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