The great conspiracy

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The great conspiracy

Over on my YouTube channel I occasionally get hammered by what I suppose some might call a troll, though I think that kind of naming is not only inaccurate it is disrespectful (maybe there are such people trolling the internet like a kid with a can of spray paint but I have't seen them).

For the most part, the folks who have a gripe with me genuinely feel like either they are being harmed or the greater populace is being harmed by me or my words. That's fascinating.

The two most common threads seem to be either the letters I read are fake (not true), or the notion that someone "over 60 years old" can't hear differences in equipment (absurd). 

What's truly interesting is how, when the answers I give back don't match these people's worldview of truth, their first reaction seems to be there's a conspiracy afoot!

While I am flattered some people think I have enough whatever to formulate and execute a conspiratorial plot, I am also concerned that this seems to be increasingly prevalent in today's world. Like Kellyanne Conway's infamous (or beloved depending on your viewpoint) "alternative facts" explanation of how truth seems to be more a matter of opinion than fact, conspiracy theorists seem to struggle with accepting the idea an answer different than what they think to be true could actually exist.

Indeed, we all struggle with this but it's the leap to conspiracies that has me fascinated.

We are such wonderfully inventive creatures. I am truly in awe.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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