The Dutch Show

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The Dutch Show

Shortly after Scott, Terri, Chris, and I left the UK show there was another HiFi show firing up, this one in Holland.

We were unable to attend but, thankfully, our community was there in full force.

I received the loveliest note from HiFi Family member, Christian Percy and I wanted to share it with you.

"Last weekend I was at the Dutch Audio Event at the Koningshof in Veldhoven the Netherlands. It was a crowded event. Lots of exhibitors of all major brands.

I visited most of the demo rooms. And one that stood out was the Aspera demo room where a full setup of PS-Audio was demonstrated.

The setup demonstrated their latest Aspen FR20 speakers powered by a BHK250 and superb BHK preamp designed from the late Bascom King. The source was their latest Direct Stream DAC (The MK II version) which was fed with digital data by the brand-new Air Lens. The music was delivered to the Air Lens by a Linux driven standard 200$ mini-PC running JRiver MC31 as well as a Roon Core.

The whole system was provided clean power by a PS-Audio PowerPlant P20 AC power regenerator.

The Distributer, Mr. Chanet, told me that this was far from their top of the line system but I must admit that there were extremely few other demo systems, even many costing multiple times more, that could match the sublime homogeneous performance of the PS-Audio system.

Very accurate and detailed and at the same time very relaxed.

The only disadvantage was that the PS-Audio demo room was constantly packed with people.

Well done PS-Audio. Top performance."

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