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I am guessing the day after Christmas has a lot of people lined up at the returns counter. Me included. My fancy new Bose Bluetooth earbuds are heading back. They sound quite alright but are too large and, worse, stick out further than my ear. I use these when running and hiking. Imagine the damage to my ear if I slipped and managed to jam the protrusions deep within my ear. I can't and won't risk it. Instead, I have ordered Apple's new Airpods. Yes, they look weird, but they don't penetrate my ears. They also give me the freedom to listen to music without wires when I am outside. Unlike over the ear versions, they also permit me to hear my surroundings—a great combo when enjoying nature. They're not being delivered until mid-February. I go back to wires in the meantime.
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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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