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Most of my readers are familiar with the term "voicing". The process of tuning the equipment's voice to match sonic expectations.

While it feels natural to our engineering team it is actually rare in the electronics industry. Voicing is more commonly associated with loudspeakers, where designers have been practicing the art for as long as speakers have been producing sound.

I suppose the notion that electronics have a voice is perhaps the opening stumbling block for most engineers. What we take for granted is often looked upon as either BS or voodoo.

Few among us would question the notion that a tube amp's voice is different and distinguishable from a solid state device. Just ask an electric guitar player looking for that vintage "tube sound".

Is it worth it to wish that more designers hop on the voicing bandwagon? It would seem to me for the betterment of music's reproduction if they did.

Is that simply asking too much?

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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