The conductor within us

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I often air-conduct. No, I don't make cold air, but I do waive my hands when the music takes hold of me. Classical of course. I simply cannot help myself.

I see others playing air-guitar. I never picture myself as the musician, always the conductor.

I remember well one summer evening under the stars in the Vail Amphitheater when, in the middle of Mahler, I began air-conducting. I was sitting 4 rows from the stage, right side, and the power of the orchestra stood my hair on end. The cellos and double bass bowed as if their lives depended on it, the blat of the horns pushed me back in the seat, the waves of the strings washed over me like a tsunami and I could not help myself. I just began to conduct.

A poke to my arm woke my reverie. I opened my eyes to the scowl of the grump next to me, my baton still held high, suspended mid stroke.

"I am sorry your career as a conductor didn't work out, but don't ruin the music for me because of it."

Maybe he was an air-trombonist at heart.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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