Risky business

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It's risky being an Audiophile: a perfectionist, a quest seeker. You risk ridicule and failure. Some say better to be safe then to look like a schlemiel. And yet, safe is often boring, with little in the way of reward. As I have gotten older I am less worried of criticism than when I was younger. Younger means you're still testing the waters, working on establishing your mark, ranking, position within the group. You're uncertain, often covering up doubt with bravado. And then one day you look around and realize everyone else seems in the same boat and you can relax a little, take more chances, hope for more reward. Our shared passion for things better is risky business, but the rewards are worth the risk. The next time you lower the lights, close your eyes as the music envelops you, just remember you're being treated to something only the smallest of the smallest groups on the planet get to appreciate. Revel in it.
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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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