The Art of HiFi

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The Art of HiFi
One of the great joys of having our own state-of-the-art recording studio includes the ability to record and release the kinds of recordings rarely ever done. Recordings that are specific to those of us interested in High-End audio. When I first proposed the idea of launching a new series that celebrated the art of HiFi to Octave Record's Director, Jessica Carson, she had plenty of questions. What kinds of music? What aspects of High-End Audio would we be focusing on? Would we focus on just making greater recordings, or would they be specific to a genre? What would make these recordings different than the ones we've done before? Great questions. As an Audiophile, I very much wanted to focus on different aspects of my passion: bottom end, top end, depth, soundstage, harmonic richness, lifelike, dynamic, delicate, powerful. Looking over my list, we decided to start right at the top. Bass. Around PS Audio and Octave, it is well known I am somewhat of a bass freak (understatement). My many videos and blogs on using subwoofers, my spine-tingling listening sessions when the system reaches down into the basement and lifts you out of the seat, and the uncontrollable smile that comes across my face when that perfect low-end note is just right made an easy decision to go with bass as the obvious first choice. (Plus, Octave's recording chain is flat to 3Hz). And for the making of this series I wanted to be personally responsible for every aspect of it. Making sure it fits exactly the way I want it to sound. I was the recording and mixing engineer on all tracks. Gus Skinas was the mastering engineer. No compromises. The Art of HiFi Series, Volume 01: Bass, is the first in this new series from Octave Records. It is a must-have album for audiophiles who enjoy rattling the rafters. The first choice for a recording had to be a full-on pipe organ. Oh yeah. Live and in person. The idea of setting up a full DSD256 capture of the power and majesty of a pipe organ was a dream come true. I first detailed this awesome experience in this post. I then posted a YouTube video of organist Kendrick Mervine's performance here. There are 3 amazing tracks of this live performance on The Art of Bass, and 7 more very different bass gems I'll tell you about tomorrow. Go here to grab a copy or download the master files. I am guessing the limited run of SACDs will go quickly.
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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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