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We gave a couple of Sprout integrateds to relatives for Christmas this year. They were thrilled. What they really were excited about is Bluetooth. The capability to stream from their phones to their home speakers seems a miracle to many not daily involved in the industry. That's always been interesting to me. I find it cool as well, but more of a novelty than something I would do on a regular basis.

And I always wonder if my reluctance in one area of new technology is due to my getting older, stuck in a bygone era or rather something different. On the one hand I am involved in creating some of the newest and most innovative products in stereo, yet on the other hand, I still question some of the new technology: fad or here to stay?

I'll give you an example from a different point of view. Our general manager's 13 year old daughter Mandi announced she wanted a turntable. Out of the blue, she wants the 'new thing' her friends are excited about. Of course, a turntable is anything but new to those of us reading this blog, but to her group it's new, fresh and fun. I guess the point of all this centers around the idea that the appeal of different technologies isn't a clear linear progression one can map. Their acceptance seems to vary with the moment to suit the tastes and expectations of those using them and without regard to their lineage.

Now where did I store that old Muntz 8-track?

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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