Target practice

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It is common in some circles to target products to specific audiences. Horror or action films, sports cars, solid state radios with visible tubes. Some succeed, most have limited appeal. It's been my experience that when a designer builds a product to a target audience, appealing to that audience becomes more important than the product itself. You've seen it all too often. Formulaic films, overly sweetened desserts, audio products with lots of bass, or warmth, or over-teched detail, and little musicality. The danger with narrowly targeting a product is you might succeed. My advice to young designers has been consistent. Honor your own vision of perfection and success will follow. Build audio products that are true to the music, not to what you believe people might want to hear. It's why great products usually come out of nowhere. The struggling artist, the overnight success.
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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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