Judge and jury

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We're all judges. We choose what we eat, wear, watch and listen to. And, even if we rely on the opinions of others to help us make those calls, in the end, we have chosen those we rely upon for help. There's simply no escape from the fact that we all make judgements.

It's often difficult to take responsibility for our judgments–easier to point a finger here or there. How many times have I asked a customer why they made this decision or that and the scramble to insulate from blame begins?

The problem for me is simple. I sometimes question people's judgment in equipment choices, not because I want to be critical, but so I can better help them with their choices. Vinyl guys, tube guys, horn speaker guys, analytical types, emotional types. Understanding someone's biases helps us all further the cause of great music reproduced in the home.

Yet, I understand one's hesitation answering pointed questions on judgments. I still shrink from the memory of my father's furrowed brow. "What the hell were you thinking?"

It is always refreshing to get a letter from someone who is clear about the reasons for their choices and willingness to express them.

"I followed the advice of this reviewer."

"I love the look of horns."

"It just sounds better!"

We should all feel a little pride in our decisions and the judgments we make, even if they might result in a few scoffs and rolling of the eyes.

After all, our decisions are like our children, for better or for worse.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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