Surprise and delight

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Surprise and delight
We all have our benchmarks for what is best. We're surprised and delighted when that benchmark is exceeded. Octave Records has proven to be one of my more consistent bar raiser. Every time I think a track or a recording approach is the best I've ever heard, bam! something better comes around. I don't get that thrill so often with equipment or new designs. Not that they don't still come my way, but with the amount of work designing new circuits and technology involves, those new benchmark moments are far and few between. Recordings, on the other hand, are a constant delight. New techniques, room improvements, pushing the envelope at the touch of a fader. I probably sound like a junkie looking for my next fix and at times it feels that way. I love to be surprised and delighted.
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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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