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If you've ever been to an audio show, you know the differences in systems and loudspeakers can be extreme.

In one room, if you are fortunate enough to get the center seat, you're required to put your head in a vice in order to enjoy perfect imaging.

In another room there's a wide sweet spot that, while not as specific as the last room you visited, offers a broader perspective.

Still another room hasn't any real bottom end but man! has it got dynamics.

And then there are the rooms that you do not even go in.

Room after room sounds remarkably different. Each room touts its system as state-of-the-art—something that clearly cannot be true unless there are a lot of possible states or the art category is very broad.

When we set up for a show, I am most pleased when I see lots of grins on the faces of listeners.

Repeat visitors are a blessing as well.

Once I am pleased with the system's performance, it is the joy on people's faces I watch for most.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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