Subwoofer follies

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Subwoofer follies

Got an angry email from one of our family members. The problem? My constant suggestion that subwoofers help fix room mode issues.

The anger is always a bit strange to me. That subject isn't something I would guess to be emotional, though I understand how folks can get riled up when their worldviews are shaken.

That said, here was the debate. Our friend pointed out to me an undeniable fact. Subwoofers or main speakers all suffer from room modes. Ergo, adding a subwoofer doesn't solve anything. You still have nulls and peaks at the listening position.

All that's true but, what's missing, is what happens when you place the sub in one area different than where your main speakers live. Properly positioned, the subwoofer's peaks fill in the dips of the main speaker for a relatively flat presentation.

Worst case one can place the subwoofer in close proximity to the listening position and this eliminates the room problem altogether.

Subs work magic when properly utilized even if it does not match one's worldview.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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