Step up and speak out

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If you know someone that listens to music too loudly, on speakers, headphones or earbuds, do them and us a favor. Say something. Let them know the danger they are in. Let them know hearing damage is cumulative and irreversible.

If you can hear music from a person's headphones from more than a couple of feet away, they are probably listening too loudly (the exception might be open earphones). If folks leave a concert with their ears ringing, it was likely too loud.

The explosion of personal listening devices has helped the cause of music, but with some unintended consequences. Hearing loss. And as I mentioned, there's no healing from damage. Once lost, it's gone for good.

The sad truth is few know the potential for damage. And, as Audiophiles, we need to band together to speak up and let people know.

Step up, speak out.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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