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Most of us enjoy the spectacular, from the throngs in Turandot's palace courtyard, the canon shots of Telarc's 1812, to the lights and dancing of a Taylor Swift concert. Big, brash, exciting, put you back in your seat moments, live on in memory for life.

But, so too do the more quiet moments, the intimate love songs that pull at your heart strings, the upbeat machinations of free wheeling jazz, or the bump and grind of rap.

Truth is, spectacle has many meanings when music's the subject.

Our stereo systems are E tickets to the best rides in town. The more we enjoy their pleasures, the greater return on our investments.

There are fewer objects in our home that bring as much lasting pleasure and spectacle than our two-channel audio systems.

Take care for their feeding and well being.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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