Sony tries to end crappy sound!

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How's that for a headline! It's sad that probably got your attention because of the absurd nature of the claim. Sad indeed. "Last week, Sony Corporation announced a new line of high-end audio components that promise to deliver a better online audio experience. The announcement comes amid growing evidence that music fans are tired of the crappy sound they hear on their portable music players. Case in point is the success of Cookie Marenco's business of selling super high-definition music downloads." So begins a mainstream story on National Public Radio which you can read and hear by going to this link. The article and story are well worth your time as Cookie talks about the history of the music business, how she participated in MP3's and why. Now, she's pushing DSD in a big way. Many of us know and respect Cookie's work at Blue Coast Audio and I include myself as one of her biggest fans. Cool that high end audio made the big times! Here in Boulder we have some pretty serious flooding going on, the rain not abating at all. It's likely our "100 year" flood is upon us and PS Audio sits in a flood plain (great planning). Enjoy Cookie's story while I head into work to make sure everything's ok. I am writing Friday's post this Thursday morning, so this may be old news when you read it. Boats?
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