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Some good reading

I hate sounding like a broken record but so many folks reached out to me asking about photos from the Dutch show that I've posted here a few photos and a link to the entire show.

Our friends over at HiFi Pig (yeah, I know. Great name!) put together a complete show report that is excellent. You can go here to access it.

The PS Audio report is about halfway down the page:


This was a room I was looking forward to experiencing and they were playing an excellent version of The Police’s Roxanne by DubXanne…check it out as it knocks the original into a cocked hat. 

Anyway, the HiFi in here was all PS Audio, and having read a whole load about the Aspen FR20 loudspeakers, it was fab to finally get in front of a pair. The streamer was the Airlens. The amp was the Perfect Wave BHK S250.

I’m not really sure what I was expecting from these speakers but many people had said that they’d heard them at shows and really rated them, and, yes, I rate them too. Apparently, I heard them at AXPONA too but they made a much bigger impression on me at Dutch Audio Event. They seem to be very much up my street of being big on bass speed and dynamics, but also with a nicely open midband and top section.
A very enjoyable experience, indeed, with one high frequency in the mix coming from somewhere well outside of where the speakers were placed. 

Thanks for this great report!

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